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Cushion Fill Options

Because comfort and style is entirely subjective, Carlyle offers over 40 cushion fill combinations, backed by our exclusive 30-DAY COMFORT GUARANTEE. Any piece can be ordered with any combination of seat and back cushions, such as spring and poly seats with 70% down / 30% feather backs. As a rule, back cushions are cut 3" to 4" above the back of the frame for added neck support and to compensate for any seat sinkage. Standard "cushion border" sizes vary by model but all can be specified.

Poly/Dacron Seats and Dacron Backs

Poly/Dacron Seats and Dacron Backs are standard on all pieces. Standard but by no means ordinary, these seats and backs can be adjusted to achieve the perfect combination of styling, cushioning, and support. Firmness, softness, and height can be adjusted for both seats and backs

Spring and Dacron Seats

Spring and Dacron Seats are the ultimate in luxury synthetic seating. Providing a firm center with soft edges they are ideal for the person who enjoys the feel of spring and down but is allergic to down and feathers.

All Down and Feather Seats and Backs

All Down and Feather Seats and Backs are custom-blended from only the finest Hungarian goose and gray duck families. Feather quills should curl for resilience and should never exceed 2.5". Any percentage & combination of down and feather, as well as the origin of the waterfowl, can be custom-ordered. The listed percentage & combinations are the most popular.

10 % down / 90 % feather
25 % down / 75 % feather
50 % down / 50 % feather
70 % down / 30 % feather

Remember, the higher the percentage of down, the softer and more expensive the cushion, and the greater the maintenance required. Any "all down and feather" cushion must be fluffed regularly to maintain its shape and loft. Because Carlyle manufactures all of its own down and feather products, we are fully committed to the maintenance of any of our cushions and/or its replacement, which means you will never have to be uncomfortable again. (After the normal warranty period, there is a nominal fee)

A tip regarding cushions of any kind

All cushions, regardless of composition or manufacturer, will wear and break down with use. A good rule of thumb is to always contract with a firm that is capable of servicing it's own products and components. we will even service and replace cushions on pieces that are not are own. 

see: Cushion Replacement Pricing

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